Re: [asa] Plot of radiometric dates

From: Freeman, Louise Margaret <>
Date: Thu Oct 30 2008 - 12:23:26 EDT

That sounds like the RATE project. Does it date back to 1990?
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Subject: Re: [asa] Plot of radiometric dates

On Thu, 30 Oct 2008, Jon Tandy wrote:

> Years ago, about 1990, my parents attended a seminar by Hugh Ross.
> According to my recollection (which arguably could be incorrect) one of
> points that they came back with was a claim that if you plot all the
> measured ages obtained from radiometric dating (or was it specifically
> Carbon-14 dating?) of various material and fossil samples, the
> go back to around 2500 B.C., then suddenly shoot exponentially up into the
> millions of years. The implication was that something dramatically
> (i.e. worldwide flood?) at about that time which skewed the decay
> or our measurement of them, and thus reliance on those dating methods is
> questionable before that time.

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