Re: [asa] Tone of discussions

From: Iain Strachan <>
Date: Thu Oct 30 2008 - 09:17:20 EDT

I would like to apologise to the list for my recent postings relating
to people in the list I had placed on auto-delete. It was
inappropriate to take this business to the entire list, and I should
have done it privately.

I should explain that my way of avoiding brawls is simply to put a
block on people who irritate me, and make me liable to say things I
regret. Unfortunately it's not that easy to do in gmail, which simply
moves deleted items into a "Trash" folder and then notifies you of
deleted messages in the conversation, so there is always the
temptation to look.

The sort of thing that is liable to irritate me is intellectual
dishonesty - in particular when people don't read correctly what I
wrote, and then twist it and use the twisted meaning to accuse me of
things I never said. This has happened on more than one occasion with
more than one person. I have usually found that there is no point in
trying to reason with such people - they simply continue to
mis-represent my opinion & that means the time has come to operate the

However, as I said, I should have taken this business off-list, and I
apologise for contributing to the bad tone of recent discussions.


On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 12:06 PM, Jon Tandy <> wrote:
> BTW, I was not directing it toward anyone in particular, or even simply the
> discussion of the last few weeks, although that was in my mind. What
> particularly caught my attention were "to speak evil of no man...but gentle,
> showing all meekness unto all men" -- and I know I still have to work on
> this as well.
> Jon Tandy
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