RE: [asa] Advice for conversing with YECs (miracle timing)

From: Alexanian, Moorad <>
Date: Wed Oct 29 2008 - 20:18:44 EDT

I wrote the following in the September 2008 issue in a letter to Perspectives on Science and Christian Church


"Of the different kinds of knowledge needed to study the whole of reality, only metaphysics and theology address the ontological question of existence while science deals only with the physical aspect of Nature. These issues are paramount when attempting to forge a solid integration of evolution with the Christian faith. Ascribing the genomic structure and temporal development in Nature to "God's faithful dealings with His creation" may be satisfying to a Christian but contrived to an unbeliever."





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"TE is the theological view that God's hand underlies all that we observe in creation. It does not change any observation." - Dave
How is this not a confused mix of science and theology? One might easily argue that TE is a tack-on to 'science,' i.e. mere accommodation. If it 'does not change any observation' this would seem to prove the point of Moorad's question. As if TE could be a 'bridge' between science and faith, it is rather weak in the integrative realm of philosophy.
For example, TE doesn't explain how an 'origin' turns into a 'process-of-change.' At that point, the 'theology' in 'theistic evolution' is much more important than the 'science' of 'evolution.' And that is why many people refuse the label 'TE' - they'd like to get their priorities right!

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        Your question implies that metaphysical and theological matters can be part of the methodological reports generated in science. TE is the theological view that God's hand underlies all that we observe in creation. It does not change any observation.
        Dave (ASA)
        On Wed, 29 Oct 2008 14:56:01 -0400 "Alexanian, Moorad" <> writes:

                What scientific questions creation by TE answers that cannot be answered by ordinary, non-theistic evolutionary theory?



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