Re: [asa] Daniel Harrell: Nature's Witness (New Book)

From: Steve Matheson <>
Date: Tue Oct 28 2008 - 14:28:09 EDT

Agreed: it's a wonderful book, and it fills a big hole that you and I and others have been worrying about for a while. It would be fun to discuss some of Daniel's ideas here. (I particularly liked his comments on dualism.) Those who want to read the introduction can check out my blog or the Park Street Church blog, both linked below.

Steve Matheson

>>> "David Opderbeck" <> 10/28/08 12:58 PM >>>

Those who are interested in the kinds of questions we discuss here will be interested in "Nature's Witness: How Evolution Can Inspire Faith," by Daniel Harrell, a Pastor at Boston's Park Street Church ( ( ))


Harrell discusses the issues in a down-to-earth, pastoral way, and manages to address some of the thorny theological questions straightforwardly, graciously, and hopefully. I don't necessarily agree with every approach Harrell takes (a little too much Moltmann, maybe?), but I found this book enormously encouraging because it engages Truth from a broadly evangelical perspective without fear or defensiveness.

David W. Opderbeck
Associate Professor of Law
Seton Hall University Law School
Gibbons Institute of Law, Science & Technology
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