RE: [asa] Advice for conversing with YECs (Cheek turning)

From: James Patterson <>
Date: Tue Oct 28 2008 - 07:26:11 EDT

James Patterson:

a. Directly from the dust of the earth by special creative (supernatural)
works of God, 20K - 100K years ago

b. From special creative (supernatural) works of God on some poor
unsuspecting hominid (who was once dust), 20K - 100K years ago,

c. From (natural/providential) evolutionary processes working on the genome
of hominids, who evolved from X, who evolved from Y, back to when God first
(supernaturally) created life on this planet 3.9 BYA,



 The problem with (a) is the appearance of age problem. Why would a new
specially created creature be made with copies of "mistakes", that is non
functioning genes like the vitamin C gene, unless it was to make the genome
appear old?


I lean toward B myself. I almost included the YEC possibility there (6000
yrs) just to be complete.


I also think your philosophical distinction is false. TE does not require a
single point of creation with God letting the universe run along the
previously created rules without God's intervention, except for the case of
miracles. In TE God could very well be continuously active in creation.
There is nothing about TE that requires us to believe that creation is
broken and is in need of God to fix it from time to time.


Then TE and OEC agree and are consistent, and so what are we debating again?


Have a good day, I'm off to work, James Patterson

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