Re: [asa] Was Darwin a Creationist?

From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Mon Oct 27 2008 - 07:24:11 EDT

Why would Michael Roberts be unwilling to speak on this topic? What serious questions about human beings did C.R. Darwin raise a controversy about? It's not all just biology, botany, zoology, or geology, is it?
- G.A.

From: Gregory Arago

To: Jon Tandy ; ; Michael Roberts
Sent: Friday, October 24, 2008 5:24 PM
Subject: Re: [asa] Was Darwin a Creationist?

"Whether what he said is right or wrong he [C. Darwin] raised several serious questions on the nature of humans, which still cause controversy today." - Michael Roberts

Just curious, Michael, what are some of those 'serious questions' on the character of humans "which still cause controversy today" that Darwin raised?

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