Re: [asa] Advice for conversing with YECs (Cheek turning)

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Date: Mon Oct 27 2008 - 03:11:07 EDT

Hi Bernie,

Can you explain to one who, for good reasons, questions the whole
evolutionary scenario why DNA " the most solid evidence against YEC and
for evolution." ? Why, in your view, does it _so positively_ rule out the
Bible-honouring doctrine of 'abrupt appearance' ?

Again, you appear to imply that C.S. Lewis was an evolutionist. This
suggestion is of course untrue. In "C.S Lewis: The Authentic Voice",
William Griffin writes (p.222 - commenting on the final 1944 BBC series talk
to which you refer) "He didn't say he believed in evolution or knew it to be
fact, but it was a working theory that proved a point."



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> Iain said: "Isn't one supposed to "turn the other cheek"?"
> Yes- and this is a perfect example. Others (Biblical or not): "Do not
> repay evil for evil." "Eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind."
> Also- guarding speech per 1 Peter 4:11 (a verse I teach my kids about
> watching their mouth).
> As for YEC's who hop to other topics... that's ok. That's their way of
> recognizing they have nothing else to say on that sub-topic. Why not take
> that as a positive sign of one barrier removed and yes, lets move on to
> the next barrier?
> I think another key is in what to expect. Don't expect them to say "Oh, I
> see, I give up on YEC and now beliece as you." It takes a lot of time and
> reflection. If it didn't, it would probably reflect that they are shallow
> thinkers. If they could be easily turned- they could also be easily
> flipped-back.
> I've recently been confronting fellow believers at the Christian group in
> my workplace. They are likely shocked that I accept evolution, and I'm
> shocked of their YEC leanings. I thought they were at least OEC's or
> OEC-friendly. We start on all the basics- fossils, DNA, etc. I try to
> steer them esp. into the DNA area because I think it is the most solid
> evidence against YEC and for evolution. I've been introducing them to
> Francis Collins and his book, and even CS Lewis (who they know, but are
> clueless about Lewis' evolution-leaning- see his last chapter in "Mere
> Christianity" which I think it brilliant and insightful- deeply touching
> me).
> ...Bernie

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