Re: [asa] Advice for conversing with YECs

From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Sun Oct 26 2008 - 17:44:49 EDT

You seem quite angry right now, Iain. I think Mike Gene's description of behaviour and the challenge to you and to Michael Roberts was legitimate. As it is, it went unanswered.
As with you, however, I felt diverted by the raising of the issue of Barack Obama's faith and that it had nothing to do with the OP and the thread's topic. Nevertheless, the action of Michael Roberts pointing a finger at Moorad remains open and Michael should answer to it; if it is pie in his face, then so be it. It's actually so easy to take it back; just to say that Moorad isn't a YEC! Humility needn't hurt sometimes! Roberts was already suspended for his behaviour on ASA not long ago; this little 'Moorad IS YEC' stunt seems to show that he has not mended his ways. An apology by Michael seems in order, don't you think, Iain?
In this thread some very good advice has been offered to Dennis, imo, which is consistent with the Christian tradition. He has expressed as such already. At the same time, it is evident that, perhaps especially to the field of geology, a 'young earth' is simply no longer (if it ever was) acceptable on a dogmatic basis.
This is not humble science, however, but scientism! A door should simply be left open to doubt. As it is, most people who know 'the science' accept a 'not-young' earth. This is not news and draws a yawn! Although, statistics show that in America more than 40 percent believe in a 'young earth.' Dennis is facing this perspective in his personal relations with a YEC member of his congregation. One of the big issues is how one communicates the 'power' of science and how it is used. Unfortunately in this case, 'science' is seen as a weapon of blame, guilt, and association if one takes a different perspective on a particular question; Dennis' conversation partner seems closed to discussion.
'Origin(s) of life' is not, however, a 'purely scientific' question, as far as scientific questions go. There is much speculation in this realm. It would seem to be a question of 'tolerance' as much as one of 'science tells us' when theology and philosophy have significant voices to speak in this conversation too. I could easily go into a (bon)spiel about how important this topic affects human-social thought, e.g. mono-genesis vs. poly-genesis, but I won't given that you've already heard my repeated whispers about it.
Hopefully there'll be no more felt need to 'silence' voices or to 'trash' people in this thread! YEC is not the position held by a majority on the ASA list. That is perhaps why it was deemed so offensive for Moorad to hear himself ungracefully call 'one of those.'
Now the issue of the table seems to be one of 'disassociation,' which M. Gene has already addressed, whereas a simply apology would greatly help the dialogue atmosphere.
Gregory Arago
p.s. let's please drop the name 'Obama' immediately from this thread!!! Agreed?
p.p.s. Michael, just curious, did you lead a Church service today before posting this most recent accusative message to Moorad? __________________________________________________________________ Be smarter than spam. See how smart SpamGuard is at giving junk email the boot with the All-new Yahoo! Mail. Click on Options in Mail and switch to New Mail today or register for free at

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