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Date: Sat Oct 25 2008 - 19:39:50 EDT

Moorad -

Try applying Luther's explanation of the 8th Commandment which includes the
injunction to interpret everything our neighbor says in the kindest way.
(Or as in the older translation, "put the best construction on everything").
Obama has said numerous times that he is a Christian and not a Muslim & in
fact has long been a member of a Christian church. Since it is quite easy
to understand how he could make a slip in an interview we ought to take him
at his word in what he says about his religious beliefs unless we have a
compelling reason to believe he's lying - which we don't.

(& it may not even have been a slip. He may have meant something like "my
supposed Muslim faith" - i.e., the faith some people attribute to me. But
my point doesn't depend on this speculation.)

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> Burgy,
> I saw the original ABC's Sunday morning program with anchor George
> Stephanopoulos. What you sent me corroborates what I said. I do not
> understand.
> Moorad
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> On 10/25/08, Alexanian, Moorad <> wrote:"We have a
> presidential candidate who professes to be a Christian, nonetheless,
> he said in a TV interview, "My Muslim Faith." The anchor George
> Stephanopoulos of ABC subsequently corrected him"
> That happens to be a false internet rumor. There are many such,
> attacking candadates on both sides. The refutation of this one is at
> Burgy
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