RE: [asa] Advice for conversing with YECs

From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Fri Oct 24 2008 - 19:08:15 EDT

Forgive him please, Moorad, for he is a geologist and cannot seemingly conclude (geology-centrism) otherwise (all challengers must be YECists) with his unwillingness to speak to honest questions.

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Michael, show me anything I have written or said that agrees with your statement
that I am a YEC. You will find none. That is your problem; you assume
erroneously and so conclude foolishly.




From: on behalf of Michael Roberts
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To: George Cooper;
Subject: Re: [asa] Advice for conversing with YECs

As Moorad is a YEc he is hardly liable to see YEC as a stumbling block -
which of course it is.

I like your land of Silly but the main road out leads to the slough of
despond (and doubt)

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