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Date: Fri Oct 24 2008 - 17:34:27 EDT

Find out what *does* interest him, if scientific evidence doesn't. Does his
conviction revolve around the YEC "straight-forward" reading of Scripture? If
so, your first (and main) challenge will be to show him that Scriptural
interpretation is often not so straight-forward.

Given my own experience of slowly moving by nudges and lurches to my present
position, I wouldn't expect others to make a flying leap or wouldn't trust it as
a solidly worked out "conversion" if they did (too easy coming, too easy to lure
away). So patience may be the order of the day. ---Oh; and the number of YEC
people I could name that I know I have successfully convinced of an old-earth
view? Er, Ummm Zero. (not that I have made a crusade out of trying, though.)
 So if you experience dramatic success, then I'll sit at your feet and learn
from you.


Quoting Dennis Venema <>:

> I seem to be something of a lightning rod for YECs in my local church sphere.
> At present I am discussing these issues with a gentleman from my
> congregation, but I am not making much progress in having him try to
> understand my point of view. We can't even get past the age-of-the-earth
> issue. He is not interested in looking at any evidence, either.
> I am interested in what advice folks might have - I am especially interested
> in hearing from those of you who used to be YECs but now accept an old earth.
> What was useful to you as you made the transition?
> Thanks, all.
> Dennis

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