Re: [asa] Pete Enns' Review of Davis Young's New Book

From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Fri Oct 24 2008 - 16:50:59 EDT

This book is an extremely valuable and important book covering both biblical and geological aspects of an ancient earth.

It is essential reading especially for ministers and one recommendation at the beginning suggests you buy a copy for your minister (though George and Murray might not need it:))

Davis and a few other Christians have some interesting papers in a forthcoming Special Publication of the Geoll Soc of London on Religion and geology (March 09) In fact at least 7 out of 30 chapters

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  Pete Enns has posted an interesting review of Davis Young and Ralph Stearly's "The Bible, Rocks and Time: Geological Evidence for the Age of the Earth": This comment from the review is true and encouraging IMHO: "In brief, what remains sorely needed in my opinion is deliberate conversation between biblical scholars and scientists (not just geologists, but physicists, biologists, anthropologists, etc., etc) on the question of origins."

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