Re: [asa] McKnight on "Believolution"

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Thu Oct 23 2008 - 15:45:13 EDT

Hi David,

Nice link.

I particularly resonate with the below;

A good long draft of Enuma Elish and Atra Hasis, two ancient texts about such matters, led me to say, “This is not about history as we would write it.”

It strikes me that unless one can answer the question "what are all these creation myths about?" with respect to the larger body of Ancient Near Eastern literature, then one is simply not going to be able to engage with the same question in respects of Genesis in any substantial manner.

So, certainly, a familiarity with what people are actually doing when they write creation myths is very helpful indeed.

I must get around to writing up my thoughts on same at some time or other!

Murray Hogg
Pastor, East Camberwell Baptist Church, Victoria, Australia
Post-Grad Student (MTh), Australian College of Theology

David Opderbeck wrote:
> A very interesting post and discussion on Jesus Creed, which I think
> will be of interest to all list members:
> David W. Opderbeck
> Associate Professor of Law
> Seton Hall University Law School
> Gibbons Institute of Law, Science & Technology

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