Ends of the World - Really???? (was Re: [asa] A theology question (imminent return of Christ))

From: Murray Hogg <muzhogg@netspace.net.au>
Date: Tue Oct 21 2008 - 20:29:19 EDT

Except, of course, that Paul wrote that the Gospel had been preached to "the whole world" whilst at the same time looking forward to a missionary trip to Spain, where the Gospel had not yet been preached. Very curious behavior for somebody who was under "no doubt" that the great commission was ALREADY completed.

Murray Hogg
Pastor, East Camberwell Baptist Church, Victoria, Australia
Post-Grad Student (MTh), Australian College of Theology

Edward T. Babinski wrote:
> Neither was there any doubt in Paul or the author of Revelation's mind that the gospel had already been preached to "the whole world," i.e., the Roman Empire from Spain to Jerusalem. [That was "the whole world" -- see citations from the N.T. as well as Igantius and Augustine that prove that was the view and usage of "whole world" back then.] Therefore nothing prevented Jesus from returning "shortly":
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