Re: [asa] Predestination, free-will, and 10+ dimensions

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Wed Oct 22 2008 - 10:51:10 EDT

There are certainly some poorly-justified speculations out there on
the general topic, e.g., someone who was claiming that 10-dimensional
space corresponded to our 3-D universe, a 3-D heaven, a 3-D hell, and
time dimension commmon to all of them. I think Ross's efforts are
generally better than that, but they still tend to fall into the trap
of reading current science into Scripture (or not so current, in the
case of his antievolutionism). Just as taking Scripture as supporting
then-current geocentric science led into trouble, overly close linking
to today's science will become a link to some of tomorrow's errors.
The line that must be drawn is between compatibility and claiming that
a particular scientific claim is the Biblical option. Also, there's
the question of proper exegesis-are the passages in question really
makign modern scientific statements?

In the specific case of multiple dimensions, I don't think Ross is
claiming that a particular verse points to this, but rather that it
provides a way of understanding the combination of predestination and
free will. "A way of understanding"- OK. The one true solution"-very
unsafe to claim.

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