[asa] Re: [asa] Rejoinder 7D from Timaeus – to Iain Strachan

From: Michael Roberts <michael.andrea.r@ukonline.co.uk>
Date: Tue Oct 21 2008 - 16:16:00 EDT

Timaeus' anonymity I have found the worst part of these discussions. It is
hard to communicate with a shadow and in a list like this we often suffer by
not knowing anything real about the poster and meeting in the flesh helps a
lot. I was pleased to meet David Campbell 2 weeks ago and couple of the ACG
types, along with Kurt Wise and Marcus Ross.

I wonder if he feels that it might cause problems with those he works with.

Perhaps this is symptomatic of the horrors of the culture wars where some
darned reveal themselves. Perhaps they have not yet crossed the Atlantic as
I have only once felt hostility from atheists in reference to science and

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Timaeus' final rejoinder. Perhaps he will re-open this conversation at some
future point, but for now his part is completed.

To answer several private inquiries: No, I will not tell you who Timaeus is.
But, I affirm that it is not a pseudonymn of my own creation. Timaeus is a
real person, other than myself, whose views in fact I do not entirely share
though we agree on some things--esp on how much the culture wars has harmed
this conversation.

Unless Timaeus chooses to unmask himself, he will, like "Deep Throat" in the
Watergate scandal, remain anonymous until death. May that be a long time in
the future! :-)



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