RE: [asa] Predestination, free-will, and 10+ dimensions

From: James Patterson <>
Date: Mon Oct 20 2008 - 22:09:45 EDT

One of the single most annoying features of this list-serve is it's apparent
lack of capacity to direct emails to the list, rather than to the sender. If
we must use a list-serve, can we not at least try to get this fixed so that
the "reply" button actually replies to the list, and not the sender? Surely
there must be a setting in the software for this. [/rant]



> As an applied mathematician with a physical background I find ludicrous

> this sort of extreme concordism with modern science. Don


> Hugh has a penchant for extra-dimensional theological arguments, a la

> They can have some limited use as popular illustrations but if one yields
to temptation

> & tries to make them into rigorous proofs it can become, as Don says,
ludicrous. George


The Flatlander illustration is not mentioned in chapter 13, but is an
excellent means of demonstrating extra-dimensional thinking.


Ludicrous: causing laughter because of absurdity; provoking or deserving
derision; ridiculous; laughable: a ludicrous lack of efficiency.


I waiting a few days, hoping for something other than ad hominem attacks - I
expect better from this group. In my experience ad hominem attacks typically
indicate the attacker isn't able to provide a good argument. To say that you
don't agree with his theology is one thing, to call it ludicrous shows
either a lack of desire to respond appropriately, or an inability to do so.
Which is it?


In my opinion, Ross has a well-developed systematic theology. However, my
question was not directly related to his theological concordism.if you want
to argue that it would require addressing each component. The one component
I inquired about is this one:


In this book (Beyond the Cosmos) in chapter 13 he addresses predestination
vs free-will in the context of 10+ dimensions, especially 2 to 3 time


True, the larger question is extra-dimensionality. I think the mathematical
evidence for 10 dimensions is pretty solid. The creation event implies God
is transcendent beyond time, and therefore exists in at least one other time


If you can't answer, or choose not to answer, then don't. But please be so
kind as to refrain from fallacious arguments.




PS: George, in reply to your comments to me in the inadvertently off-list
message, I must disagree with you on the ad hominem bit, I still think this
is an ad hominem fallacy. There are several flavors of the argumentum ad
hominem, and in any case, it is just barely a secondary thing to say one's
theology is ludicrous than to say that one is ludicrous. I do understand
your point however, and thanks for your comments. I would recommend that you
get around to reading the book, I have a long reading list too, so I know
how that goes.

James Patterson
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