Re: [asa] A theology question (imminent return of Christ)

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Sat Oct 18 2008 - 15:22:45 EDT

Hi Jack,

You're right, you have to remember who he was speaking to and when.

He was speaking to his followers who had NO idea about his coming death and resurrection, AND who thought Messiah had ALREADY come.

So the notion of a post-resurrection return some 30-40 years after Christ's death probably isn't the IMMEDIATE conclusion they would draw.

Thus, when you ask, "if you were in their shoes how else would you interpret those words?" my answer is "I don't know".

But I will say that it's precisely that were NOT in their shoes that Preterism seems to make sense - at least, it doesn't seem to me that the disciples could have interpreted Jesus' words in Preterist terms.

Murray Hogg
Pastor, East Camberwell Baptist Church, Victoria, Australia
Post-Grad Student (MTh), Australian College of Theology

Jack Syme wrote:
> I mean no disrespect, but it is simple.
> Here is a collection of some of Christ's time statements regarding his
> return. It is very clear reading these passages that he expects his
> return to be within the lifetime of the disciples he was speaking too.
> You have to read this within the context of who he was speaking too and
> when. If you were in their shoes how else would you interpret these
> words? Even when he says he doesnt know the day he tells them to stay
> alert, and do not sleep because the time is soon!

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