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From: Jack Syme <drsyme@verizon.net>
Date: Thu Oct 16 2008 - 06:51:16 EDT

I am sorry that I have missed this thread up until now.

And if what I am about to say has been mentioned I apologize, but I doubt it has been mentioned. I will try to catch up on other posts later today.

But, one interpretation Bernie that you need to be is aware of is perhaps Christ and John, and Paul etc were correct about the return of Christ in the first century.

One interpretatation of the Bible, and first century events is that Christ returned in 70 AD, the tribulation was the Roman war with the Jews. Christ returned at that time to end the old covenant, to judge the dead, the temple was destroyed and it was the end of the age. It was the beginning of "the age to come" which is now, the time of the Church the bride of Christ.

I will not go into details here about this because it is not a science related topic and I am surprised that a topic like this has been allowed to go on for so long. But, as you know there are many many time statements throughout the NT pointing to a first century return and fulfillment. And either they were wrong, or they were right and most of the church throughout history has been mistaken about the events that happened in the first century.

For further reading google "preterism". I will be happy to answer any questions you might have, but that is probably better done off list.

Jack Syme
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  Here's a question I have.

  In the NT, it is obvious that the disciples thought Jesus would return at any time and that the end was near. For example, that's why in Acts it says the believers had everything in common- sold what they had and shared everything. We would too if we seriously thought Christ would return tomorrow, but we don't really believe it. So we keep our own money- our retirement and college plans for our kids. We don't believe in the imminent return of Christ like the first believers did, as evidenced by our behavior.

  Here's my question: Was Jesus wrong when He taught about the immediate return? How do we explain his slowness in coming, when they all thought it would have happened almost 2,000 years ago? And since it has been so long already, what's the big deal if Jesus waits another 2,000 years? I know that's inconceivable to most evangelical Christians, just like if you told a Christian in 100AD that Christ still did not return by 2000AD.

  No need to post scripture about "scoffers who say Christ isn't going to return." That isn't the question. The question is how to you resolve the fact that Christ clearly taught, and His disciples clearly believed, in the imminent return, which didn't happen yet? There was no imminent return. If Christ returns today, it was not imminent.

  It is a genuine problem that I have and am pondering, as a believer.



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