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Date: Wed Oct 08 2008 - 16:35:22 EDT

Two shorter interviews with Del Ratzsch for Timaeus' busy schedule:

Cuz 'cutting to the chase' is sometimes a welcome adventure (if you've got the patience to run)!


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Subject: [asa] Rejoinder 5E from Timaeus -- to Steve Matheson
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I thank Steve Matheson for his three replies, which I am just now getting around
to. The first two replies concerned procedural matters, i.e., how we might
profitably discuss the subjects at hand. As IĘm more interested in actually
discussing the subjects at hand than in discussing how we might discuss the
subjects at hand, I wonĘt reply specifically to those, other than to say that
I found the second reply gracious and inviting, and I thank Mr. Matheson for it.
 So I move to the third and most recent reply.

I thank Mr. Matheson for offering to discuss the Martian sculpture example, and
IĘll certainly try to respond non-evasively to his questions and criticisms.
However, I have to disappoint Mr. Matheson in confessing that I have not read
the discussions of Del Ratzsch. This is not deliberate; as Mr. Matheson
probably knows, literally hundreds of new books and hundreds of new articles per
year have been coming out on topics related to evolution, and no one can read
them all. I try to keep up as well as I can. Each year I read several meaty,
non-lightweight books in their entirety, and I read dozens of articles, of
varying degrees of technical difficulty, forwarded to me or posted on the
internet. But that only covers a fraction of whatĘs written. My current
reading schedule (not to mention teaching schedule) will not permit me to get to
Del Ratzsch for several months, so if Mr. Matheson wants a proper scholarly
response to Mr. Ratzsch, he will have to wait that long. !
 For now, I propose to answer in terms of the core understanding of Del
RatzschĘs ideas that Mr. Matheson has presented. If this is not adequate, Mr.
Matheson will have to offer further explication of Del RatzschĘs ideas. __________________________________________________________________ Ask a question on any topic and get answers from real people. Go to Yahoo! Answers and share what you know at

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