Re: [asa] Science proves there's no need for God?

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Wed Oct 08 2008 - 09:31:15 EDT

In general, Bernie, I would say that you want to ask your friend why science
*is* so successful at all. IMO, the fact that our rationality seems to be
built into nature, incl what Eugene Wigner called "the unreasonable
effectiveness of mathematics in the physical sciences," is inexplicable in
any reasonable way apart from theism.

Keep pushing that. It's in the spirit of science, if not itself
scientific, to ask deeper questions about science itself. Evolution only
makes it worse for your friend--if the whole universe and your own mind are
both just great cosmic accidents, then there's just no way rationally to
understand rationality. It just wasn't to be expected, not at all. Whereas
under theism, it's a "duh" question. Exactly what we'd expect.

Instead of being defensive, go on the offensive.


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