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From: D. F. Siemens, Jr. <>
Date: Tue Oct 07 2008 - 16:53:21 EDT

The loci classici are Romans 8:29f with Ephesians 1:4f. Before the
foundation of the world we are foreknown, predestinated, called,
justified and glorified. How can God possibly know me now without full
knowledge of the entire line of ancestors, with all their foibles,
diseases, and all the other possibilities down through the ages, if his
knowledge antedates creation? Open theology says God can't know the
future but Paul says he knows the glorified already. Open theology leads
to the oops moment, missed that one! Their deity is fallible.

The crucifixion of Christ was such a horrible event that people get the
notion that the Father had to be affected THEN. Obviously, the incarnate
Son was feeling the events most agonizingly at the time. But if God is
eternally the Redeemer, his knowledge and feeling must also be eternal,
not produced with the temporal event. The God who is suddenly smitten at
the event, who cannot know the future, is a deity made in the image of
the finite creature. It's just not a gross as the Olympian and other
pagan deities.
Dave (ASA)

On Tue, 07 Oct 2008 10:56:18 -0700 Jim Armstrong <>
> I know this'll certainly sound like a naive question, but that aside
> (and given the present conversation), in short what are the
> scriptural
> bases generally offered for the premise that God knows every detail
> of
> the future? It is certainly an attractive premise with respect to
> hope
> and answerable prayer, but most of the explanations I can recall
> seem to
> rely on particular interpretation, extrapolation, or popular
> wisdom/tradition, rather than an explicit scriptural cornerstone.
> Other
> references are ambiguous and could equally well refer simply to
> knowledge of the nature and character of human kind. The explanation
> that God is "outside of space and time" and therefore can "see"
> everything along any timeline at any "instant" seems to me to have
> its
> own tacit assumptions that I'm not sure are clearly warranted given
> our
> state of knowledge of the "otherness" of divinity.
> Ruminating........!
> Regards
> JimA [Friend of ASA]
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