[asa] Omniscience

From: Jim Armstrong <jarmstro@qwest.net>
Date: Tue Oct 07 2008 - 13:56:18 EDT

I know this'll certainly sound like a naive question, but that aside
(and given the present conversation), in short what are the scriptural
bases generally offered for the premise that God knows every detail of
the future? It is certainly an attractive premise with respect to hope
and answerable prayer, but most of the explanations I can recall seem to
rely on particular interpretation, extrapolation, or popular
wisdom/tradition, rather than an explicit scriptural cornerstone. Other
references are ambiguous and could equally well refer simply to
knowledge of the nature and character of human kind. The explanation
that God is "outside of space and time" and therefore can "see"
everything along any timeline at any "instant" seems to me to have its
own tacit assumptions that I'm not sure are clearly warranted given our
state of knowledge of the "otherness" of divinity. Ruminating........!


JimA [Friend of ASA]

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