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 I've been following this sporadically, but this comment caught my attention. It has always been my opinion that ID is not wrong, but rather it is the fact that the IDM (Discovery Institute) has a hidden agenda, that really isn't so hidden (wedge strategy) to get it taught in schools. I understand the motivation. I agree there is a problem with what is being taught. But the anti-IDM folks latch onto the hidden agenda, and focus on the secondary gain issues, which puts the IDM in a bad light. 

The other main problem is that the IDM, despite being majority Christian, try and market ID as being caused by an unknown Intelligent Designer. While this is politically correct, it shouldn't be. Political correctness is straight multiculturalism worldview. The truth is, God did the designing, God needs to be recognized as the Designer, and unless/until He is, there is a problem. Once again, the issue of a hidden agenda comes up. This is going to be the focus for those opposing ID and the IDM, not the evidence for design.

Of course, saying that God is the designer isn't going to help get it taught in public schools. Nevertheless, Truth is Truth.

Just my two cents.  James Patterson
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Timaeus, you've convinced me that, at least for  subset of ID proponents, ID is not an effort to incorporate religious beliefs into science. You say it's science, I would go with Ted and say it probably qualifies as philosophy of science (and therefore can be taught in public schools -- if only they'd teach philosophy of science). However, you have a major public relations problem that comes from the fact that a good many folks in the pews have latched onto ID, or what they think ID is, to serve as a sort of crutch for their religion. It would seem to me a good idea for ID proponents to work overtime to disabuse churches of this misconception. Of course some ID proponents might be afraid to lose their following if the real nture of ID were revealed.

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