[asa] technical problem with Timaeus' posts--important

From: Ted Davis <TDavis@messiah.edu>
Date: Thu Oct 02 2008 - 11:56:25 EDT

In posting something from Timaeus recently, I noticed that the odd "J" was
showing up in places. I wasn't sure what that meant, so I removed it where
I noticed it. But, some apparently came through. And, the ones that I
removed should have been left in--but all of them should have been the
smiling face character!!

Here is what I have from Timaeus:

Incidentally, I can't seem to get smiley faces to show up on my monitor
here. When I type :-) in Microsoft Word, it automatically turns into a
smiley face. But then, when you post it on the ASA site, and I view it at

home, the smiley face looks like a capital "J". Can you see the smiley
at your end? Or the :-) ? Or do you see a capital "J" as well?

I had some smiley faces in Rejoinder 2E from Timaeus: to Randy Isaac. One

was at the very end, and one in the second-last paragraph, after the
tongue-in-cheek sentence, "You, too, can become a Darwin-doubter". But one

of them doesn't show at all, and the other has been replaced by a J.


Please note: Although I am partly responsible for this mistake (the
computer needs to take responsibility, mostly, whatever that implies about
AI), the main thing is to note the corresponding change in tone that was
created in this way.


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