Re: [asa] For Timaeus, on deism and divine action

From: David Opderbeck <>
Date: Mon Sep 29 2008 - 23:13:29 EDT

Ted said: *Historically, the genuine article of deism involved deep
questions about the veracity of miracles stories in the Bible, a rejection
especially of the incarnation and salvation history, and a strong emphasis
on natural theology and the reality of divine action "in the beginning."
 Front-loaded design, one might say.*

I respond: Don't many TE's do this today, except they might accept the
incarnation and de-emphasize natural theology? The comparison of ID to
rationalistic Deism, I think, springs from the ID movement's refusal to
identify the "designer" as necessarily the Christian God. It could be any
powerful first mover. The comparison of TE to Deism, it seems to me, is
less cogent on divine action, but more cogent on its chariness of miracles
and salvation history, particularly of the pivotal event of the Fall.

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