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> Timaeus wrote: “I do not understand the notion of God held by theistic evolutionists. It seems to me that there is no single, clear notion…Is there a unified “TE” theology, which I am just not understanding? Or is my problem that there is a radical breadth of opinion within TE about the nature of God, about miracles, etc., so that there is no such unified theology?”

Of course there is no unified "TE" theology. There is no unified Christian theology - & there are "TEs" who are not Christians. Demanding that all who are described with the loose & less than ideal term "TE" come to detailed agreement on a unified theology is quite unrealistic. I can only speak for myself, though certainly there are large areas of agreement between my views and those of some other theologians. My "notion of God" is, to start with, what's set out in the Nicene Creed. My understanding of God's involvement with biological evolution is sketched in the chapter I contributed to _Perspectives on an Evolving Creation_ which has been mentioned here.

George Murphy

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