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Hi David,

Your reluctance is wise. I don't think Denton's first book suceeds in the way Timaeus claims. As for a good review, here is one:



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  Timaeus said: For TEs, Denton's first book should be mandatory reading, because most TEs are convinced that Darwinism is good science, and the first book shows that Darwinism is very poor science, even when "science" is restricted to the narrow view of causation and explanation demanded by Scott, Ken Miller, Dawkins, etc.

  I respond: Timeaus, could you, or could anyone here, point me to a fair, current review of Denton's "Theory in Crisis" book? My understanding is that significant aspects of Denton's criticism in that book have been debunked. My further understanding is that Phil Johnson's "Darwin on Trial" is largely a popularization of Denton's "Theory in Crisis," and that much of Johnson's critique also has been shown to be off the mark on the merits. A non-expert like myself simply is not capable of making an individual evaluation on the merits, and I am extremely reluctant to conclude that the vast majority of working biologists are conspiring to hide the truth.

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