Re: [asa] Of Stars and Starfish (divine creative action, from Timaeus thread)

From: George Cooper <>
Date: Sat Sep 27 2008 - 01:37:13 EDT

David said, "Because of the occasional copying mistake, almost every individual organism on earth has a different DNA sequence-quite a lot of variation, roughly equivalent to entropy. "  Entropy does seem to be a useful term for complexity.  Yet, the amount of negative entropy difference (especially with greater lack of apparent causation) neccesary between the nearest related organism or structure to our "designed" organism or structure would have to be enormous to bring a view of plausibility for design.   Yet entropy does not incorporate efficacy that seems necessary to advance the organism in, at least, reproductivity.  It seems like a new term would be required, but where does one delineate the place where design is established?  Certainly the flagellum has its share of working componentry, but some of these similar components are found elsewhere, which suggests all might be found elsewhere.  Thus, with greater observations, more advanced forms diminish the differences in comparative entropy levels (or a more advanced term) and reduce the plausibility for design.  Yet, even is some advanced objective term were found it would still require a subjective next step to cross our line into the "designed" state.   [I'm stepping into these conversations as more of the "average Joe" around here, and am in more of a learning mode.] Thanks David, "Coope"

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