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>I think one of the most exciting developments in
>science is the writing of DNA. I just got this
>news alert regarding Craig Venter and his DNA
>writing work:


Some of us already have our first or last names
coded in natural protein sequences. I did some
searches recently on the names of people in our
lab. Several of them with short names and no
letters that are unused in the protein letter
code (like the O in my name) had their names in
natural proteins. One fellow with a four letter
first name had his name in an ortholog (same
protein in a different species) of the enzyme
that he did his doctoral work on.

The boss, of course, said I had too much time on
my hands, and gave me more experiments to do. ;)

Preston G.
Hi Preston- just curious- when do you think the technology was available to first do this?


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