Re: [asa] Conversation with Timaeus, part one

From: Nucacids <>
Date: Thu Sep 25 2008 - 20:18:13 EDT

Hi PvM,


You wrote:


“In fact, the logic dictates that there remain two explanations, one which requires an active intervention to overcome limits of evolution, such as argued by most of the prominent ID proponents, and then there is the 'moving the goalposts' variant, which seems to be gaining some traction, which moves all the 'design' to the initial conditions, which is also known as 'front loading' while allowing that natural processes themselves were fully sufficient to explain the evolution, once set in motion.”


At least in my case, front-loading is not a “moving the goalpost” variant. On the contrary, I first began speculating about FLE in the very early days of the ARN forum and it has been *the* perspective of design I have been arguing for so many years. Back in those days, I was pretty much a voice in the wilderness and critics dismissed it as implausible. Thus, if FLE is gaining traction, I am encouraged.


As I see it, FLE is a neglected perspective that doesn’t view design as something needed because of a perceived obstacle to evolution, but instead views design as something that can use and exploit evolution. It involves all sorts of interesting questions and digs deeper than the “brute givens” merely assumed by non-teleologists.


“By its foundation in not explained by natural laws thus designed, ID has thus either chosen to remain without anything novel (front loading) or without any competing hypotheses (interventionism).”


Experience has taught me that front-loading does bring a novel perspective to biology, allowing to me to ask and explore questions that have not been asked or thoroughly explored before. It leads me to wonder if there is a deeper rationality to evolution than people notice.


- Mike Gene

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