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Briefly on the few sentences selected below:

1) I believe in miracles. Whether or not some all or even any of them are phenomena completely beyond the capacity of creatures even with (N.B.) divine cooperation is another matter.

The statement about the vast majority of Christians & Jews believing that the origin & development of life were miraculous (in the strong sense I sketched above) has a couple of significant exceptions - many of the church fathers & quite likely the author of Genesis 1. See Messenger's _Evolution and Theology_, which has a detailed examination of the patristic evidence - or my brief survey based on that in Chapter 8 of _The Cosmos in the Light of the Cross_.

Of course this does not mean - nor did the fathers &c mean - that the origin & development of life are not God's work. The fact that they are "invisible" is nothing unique - virtually all God's work is "invisible" in that sense. When you pray "Give us this day our daily bread" do you expect God's action in response to be "visible" & whether you do or not, IT ISN'T!


---- Gregory Arago <> wrote:

> > I am glad that you do not 'rule out' miracles, George, because as it turns out, you are a Christian Priest! Christian Priests by definition *should* believe in miracles!!! If the origin and development of life didn't involve miracles (clearly, you say 'mustn't have' or 'needn't have' rather than 'didn't'), then it seems Creation is much less meaningful than the vast, vast, vast majority of Christians, Muslims and Jews that I have ever met (on four continents!) would support.


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