Re: [asa] Conversation with Timaeus, part one

From: William Hamilton <>
Date: Wed Sep 24 2008 - 15:51:08 EDT

Timaeus wrote

Second, even those Christian ID theorists who believe that design in nature
is scientifically detectable do not insist that design in nature "must" be
detectable "for theological reasons". The whole point of ID, even for ID
supporters who are also Christian, is to separate the intellectual
procedures of design detection from theological discussion, so that they
establish only the fact of design, and leave all discussions of the nature
of the designer to exobiology (if the designer is an alien) or to theology
(if the designer is God). There is nothing in ID as such that is
theological, and while ID proponents certainly have private theological
views, the personal theological differences are so wide that these
differences would neutralize any attempt to say that Christianity requires
design to be detectable.

Thanks for a very fair discussion, Timaeus. I think that if the above
statement were taken to heart by Christians who espouse intelligent design,
especially those who are talking it up in evangelical churches, much of the
rancor would go away. But for this to happen Discovery Institute and high
profile proponents of ID like Behe, Dembski and Phil Johnson, need to be
careful to make this point emphatically. Many people in the pews are looking
for support for their Christian views and will buy into Phil Johnson's
rhetoric. Personally I believe that efforts to prove the existence of God
are doomed to failure -- God has revealed Himself sufficiently in Scripture,
in history, and via the Holy Spirit that those who disbelieve are foolish.
But there will always be those who seek reassurance from external evidence.

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