Re: [asa] Conversation with Timaeus, part one

From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Wed Sep 24 2008 - 02:42:35 EDT

Also a quick reply -
George wrote: "I hesitate to simply identify myself as an 'invisible TE' in your terms since I do not rule out some small number of miraculous interventions in the evolutionary process.  OTOH I see no good theological reason to insist that these were necessary."
We should not forget, George, that not long ago you also hesistated to defend TE, i.e. to call yourself a TE on this list. Now are are tied right back into the heart of Timaeus' message and the ID and/vs. TE question. A 'small number of miraculous interventions in the evolutionary process' is exactly why many Americans are skeptical of TE; they believe in a LARGE number of miracles in history! And I would say that George is the odd man out on the ASA list in suggesting 'small number of miracles,' though this is easily open to be shown as being wrong. Thus, the label 'invisible TE' or 'invisible EC' (nobody has raised the issue of 'evolutionary creationism' here and it might be fruitful to invite Denis Lamoureux back, one of it's leading voices) is apt because most TEists are 'visible TEists' thus challenging the claim that 'guided, planned and teleological' is unscientific or outside of the realm of scientific inquiry. Burgy's question about
 water-into-wine is thus a good example; Catholic Christians who accept sainthood and its miracle requirement are obviously not 'invisible TEists.'
Some people are calling Michael Behe the 'odd man out.' Let's see who says this is so. Mike Gene isn't as close to knowing the 'inner circle' as he might lead on (e.g. Charles Thaxton is much more important than Gene lets on and may be called the 'father of ID' more than Johnson, who was the 'initial ringleader of the IDM' [though he is ringleader no longer]. Only quite recently has MGene called himself a 'theist' in on-line conversation) and I actually doubt his characterization of them is true on the topic of CD. I suspect that more than half of the 'inner circle' either have no problem with CD or (and here's the great BIG rub), don't have an opinion on it or don't pronounce on it either way (i.e. they leave the question OPEN). To the ID-science they are working on (i.e. pattern recognition, 'detecting/discovering/finding/etc.' 'specified complexity,' sinking their teeth into the information revolution in biology, etc.), the age of the earth and
 whether or not human beings 'descended' or ascended' from a common ancestor with some or with all living beings is (hush geologists and paleontologists!) IRRELEVANT. __________________________________________________________________ Be smarter than spam. See how smart SpamGuard is at giving junk email the boot with the All-new Yahoo! Mail. Click on Options in Mail and switch to New Mail today or register for free at

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