Re: [asa] Conversation with Timaeus, part one

From: j burg <>
Date: Tue Sep 23 2008 - 11:11:23 EDT

On 9/23/08, George Murphy <> wrote:
> Burgy -
> At Cana those who knew Israel's traditions about what YHWH had done &
> promised could indeed recognize who had "committed the crime" - noting,
> z.B., Ps.104:15 & Amos 9:13. That's why John describes it as a "sign." But
> the response of any Gentiles who were there (as there indeed might have been
> in Galilee) might have been just "Wow, this guy is a pretty good magician."
Maybe so. But what if you and I and Randy and Ted and Tim (and Loren,
Allan, Gregory, Moorad, Glenn, etc) were there?

I can only imagine the confab among us after the wedding ended (and we
had slept off the wine)!


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