Re: [asa] Conversation with Timaeus, part one

From: j burg <>
Date: Tue Sep 23 2008 - 11:01:46 EDT

George -- I very much appreciate your "crime scene" analogy.

Gregory -- George argues from his peculiar (G) Lutheran theology, as
he usually does on this list. And that is OK; it helps me understand
the "why" of whare we must disagree, not just the fact that we do. I
have learned much from George on this list in the past, and I expect
to do more so in the future.

On the "fingerprints" issue. Had we attended the Cana wedding, and
done some close observation, would we have "seen fingerprints?" I
think the answer must be "yes." It was more than a "crime scene."

So the argument that we no longer can discern the "fingerprints" must,
i some way, involve the proposition that God acted one way in the
distant past and another way i this era.

Or -- just maybe -- we discern His fingerprints differently today.
Such is my claim, and I can fairly apply it only to myself. I have, of
course, both heard and read many testimonies of this sort from others,
from many differing denominations. My claim is simple -- for some
people, perhaps all people, God chooses to contact us spiritually (and
directly) -- sometimes in a dream, sometimes in a vision, sometimes
(for me) in the "still, small voice" that comes with some particular
event. The story of how we adopted our last two children is one such;
it can be viewed on my website.

Let me return to George's "crime scene" anology. The bare facts of
that adoption are the crime scene itself. The "fingerprints" are the
unlikely series of events surrounding it.

Peace to all.

Burgy (still cleaning up after Ike)

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