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FYI..  This is one of the bright spots of the Atlanta Chapter of RTB...

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ATL RTB September Chapter Meeting...

Straight Talk to Believers Concerning the Creation/Evolution Controversy

Dr. Eugene C. Ashby
Regent’s and Distinguished Professor Emeritus School of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Georgia Institute of Technology
Thursday, September 25th - 7:00 PM
The “Net”
Johnson Ferry Baptist Church
955 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta
Directions to Johnson Ferry Baptist
Those who are saddened by the degeneration of the American culture and the principles on which our nation was founded, should realize that a lack of understanding of the so called Creation/Evolution controversy is contributing to the problem. Because of our lack of understanding concerning this issue and subsequent confusion that has been generated, and the church ' s inability to provide credible and intelligent leadership, the present younger generation is abandoning Christianity and its world view. In actual fact, the subject of Creation and the subject of Evolution are two unrelated phenomena.  Creation is concerned with the question of "who" is responsible for the universe and life coming into being whereas Evolution is concerned with what happened after the universe and life came into being.
It is past time for believers to become better educated as to the known facts of this controversial topic or else witness the further demise of our culture and future generations. Evangelism directed toward educated people today becomes ineffective, if not insulting, when clearly the Evangelist does not understand the major issues surrounding God ' s creation of the universe and life and His subsequent plan for increasing the number of species (3-30 million) that cover the face of the earth. The result of a greater understanding of Creation and Evolution will help individuals to find the God of the Bible and help our country, particularly the younger generation, to return to those values upon which our country was originally founded.
Key topics to be discussed:
1. The error and consequences of Scientific Creationism and an "Early Earth" creation, and the hostility that this position has created.
2. The scientific basis of creation
3. The scientific basis of Darwinian Evolution
4. Intelligent Design (ID) and why it is a valid theory (answers to Francis Collins and Francisco Ayala, who disagree).
5. Highlights of recent books by Kenneth Miller, Francis Collins and Francisco Ayala.
6. Why the theory of evolution does not present a problem for believers.
Dr. E. C. Ashby, Regents ' Professor and Distinguished Professor Emeritus School of Chemistry and Biochemistry Georgia Institute of Technology,  is the author of "Understanding the Creation/Evolution Controversy -  A Scientific Evaluation Consistent with Both Modern Science and the Bible".  Dr Ashby presented “Understanding the Creation Evolution Controversy” to ATL RTB in May 2006.
Please join us this Thursday in welcoming back Dr. Ashby…
Rod Nave, Ph. D.
President, Atlanta Chapter RTB
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Georgia State University

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