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Date: Sat Sep 20 2008 - 15:51:17 EDT

Please excuse, George, but once again, the 'non-scientific' i.e. social-humanitarian realm is plainly ignored in your response (if unintentionally) - even after it has been outlined right in front of you (but forgive this message if you haven't read my previous posts in this thread)! This is a weakness of 'science and/vs. religion/theology dialogue' - that is, when it is to the exclusion of all other knowledge. A 20th century purely-western failure, to be sure! My knowledge on this micro- vs. macro- topic frankly exceeds yours, George, with all due respect! You agree on 'anti-evolution' with Jon, having only partial knowledge of what it means...coming from your particular American naturalistic (MN) context. :( The "strong case against anti-evolution" based on the economics of micro-evolution - silence? - G. Arago

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Jon -

Yes, I realized that we were in general agreement. I wanted to make the point that a strong case against an anti-evolution position based on the claims you outlined can be made on exegetical & theological grounds before any ideas about the science of microevolution are introduced.

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