[asa] Loop Gravity

From: David Opderbeck <dopderbeck@gmail.com>
Date: Thu Sep 18 2008 - 22:32:55 EDT

Scientific American has an interesting article this month on loop gravity (
http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?id=big-bang-or-big-bounce). I hadn't heard
of "space-time atoms" before.

Physicists: is this really a viable theory? is it really "science?" The
guy who wrote the SciAm article certainly seems to have lots of faith in his

Theology: if something like loop gravity is correct, the universe, at least
our universe, did not have an ex nihlo beginning; it was a "bounce" of some
sort. What does theology say to that? Will the "new heavens and new earth"
be another bounce?

David W. Opderbeck
Associate Professor of Law
Seton Hall University Law School
Gibbons Institute of Law, Science & Technology
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