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So T-Rex and other dino's were still roaming the Earth after the flood- what killed them all off?


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> I've heard it said that 95% of all species that ever lived are now extinct.

Probably a serious underestimate-probably well over 99% are gone, even
not counting the ones gone in the past few centuries.

> God said he would save the animals from the flood. Does that mean,
> according to the YEC position, that God failed to save them as promised, if
> He only saved 5%? (Yes, I'm still trying to see how T-Rex fits in the YEC
> picture ;-)

The attempts that I know of to deal with this claim that "kind" refers
to roughly a family in Linnaean terminology, thus preservation of,
e.g., a canid pair rather than separate preservation of wolves, foxes,
dogs, etc. Also, it is claimed that dinosaurs, etc. did survive the
flood but died out afterwards (apart from misuse of dubious
cryptozoology claims as purported evidence that they're still around
and "therefore" couldn't have been around millions of years ago.).
They also more or less completely disregard invertebrates and fish.

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