Re: [asa] LHC, TOE, and the limits of knowledge

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Thu Sep 18 2008 - 12:09:37 EDT

> Nevertheless such divine intent would fit uncomfortably with much of
> traditional Christian teaching and emphasis. Where is it written that
> Christians are supposed to make progress in understanding the physical
> world?

Many places, especially in the Reformed tradition. This reflects the
fact that all things are part of God's creation, so knowledge of the
physical world can be a means of gaining greater appreciation for the
creator (though strong warnings about knowledge puffing up are needed,
as is the caveat that this does not automatically entail ID-type
evidence.) It also reflects the calls (especially in the epistles) to
do all things, including whatever work you may be doing, as unto the
Lord. Good work in any field honors God; bad work dishonors Him.
Although it's true that a lot of Christian teaching and emphasis buys
into a false sacred-secular dichotomy, this does not make it correct.

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