Re: [asa] Faraday Resource for Churches

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Wed Sep 17 2008 - 15:25:34 EDT

Hi David,

Looks interesting, but for a technical glitch with the trailer.

I tried viewing it under Firefox 3 but found it jerky, sporadic and unwatchable -- pretty much the symptoms one gets when one has inadequate bandwidth/memory buffer but as I generally have no problems in watching streaming video I don't think this is the issue. It aborted half-way through in any case.

Then I tried IE7 (same problem).

Finally downloaded it with Realplayer but found that it ran smoothly but again aborted about half-way through.

Very sad...

Did you (or anybody else) get it to work okay?

I did e-mail the Faraday Institute, but who knows if they can replicate, let alone remedy, the problem.

Murray Hogg
Pastor, East Camberwell Baptist Church, Victoria, Australia
Post-Grad Student (MTh), Australian College of Theology

David Opderbeck wrote:
> This looks like a great resource:
> --
> David W. Opderbeck
> Associate Professor of Law
> Seton Hall University Law School
> Gibbons Institute of Law, Science & Technology

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