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Date: Tue Sep 16 2008 - 15:02:32 EDT

Gregory - Sorry for the delay - our power was out for nearly 2 days due to winds associated with Ike.

Not to be argumentative (for a change!) but it seems to me that at least in some ways process thought makes more sense in the personal-social realm than in that dealt with by the physical sciences. The idea that God acts by persuasion makes a lot more sense in dealing with people than with protons where, if the idea is to be used, it requires some sort of panpsychism, which even at a minimal level makes little sense to me.

I know a bit about sophiology 2d hand from readings on Orthodox theology but certainly claim no expertise. Bulgakov is one of those people I have on my mental "should read some of" list but haven't yet. As I noted before, vita brevis.

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        Hello George,

        Thanks for clarifying again your position towards process philosophy and process theology. One small assumption, if I may make it, is that your view is process philosophy *can be* rather than necessarily *is* useful, depending on context and user. As you know I am challenging the proliferation of process philosophy in human-social thought (via evolutionism) where I find it to be a great danger if not destructive source of / contribution to knowledge.

        May I ask another question, since you have volunteered your lack of knowledge of anthroposophy and theosophy? Have you studied the tradition of 'sophiology' at all or of the divine Sophia, e.g. in the tradition of Fr. Sergius Bulgakov? If not, there will be a blog conference that may be of interest here: It is certainly different from both R. Steiner and M. Blavatsky, i.e. closer to the core of Christian thought and to your Lutheran tradition, likewise involving more 'eastern' ideas than are commonly found at ASA.


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          Gregory -

          Sorry I can't help with your opening query, knowing little of anthro- or theo- sophy.
          Certainly process philosophy & theology in the modern sense is a western development but it has strong resonance with the things like the Buddhist concept of no self & related Buddhist ideas.


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