Re: [asa] Isaiah 11:6: Wolf and Lamb

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Mon Sep 15 2008 - 11:56:09 EDT

If Isaiah 11:6-10 refers to post-resurrection conditions, where do the
nursing and weaned child come from (cf. Mt. 22:30 and parallels)?
Again, what's going on in Is. 65:20 for there to be accursed
individuals not makign it to 100 years old? How can there be a
sacrificial system (e.g., last several chapters of Ezekiel) after it
is superseded by Christ?

Literalistic interpretations of such passages will run into
difficulties. The Tyndale series commentary on Revelation (at home,
not immediately recalling author) often points out that John was
creating images with words, not necessarily ones that can be sensibly
visualized nor strictly consistent in detail from one vision to the

In general, prophetic imagery of the age to come uses a variety of
images to convey security and peace. E.g., sometimes the nations are
getting destroyed, sometimes they are coming in with tribute,
sometimes they are integrated into the new order.

The image of being at peace certainly looks back to Eden as well as
looking forward to somethign even better, but this does not
necessarily imply that Isaiah thought that there was no predation in

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