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Date: Sun Sep 14 2008 - 18:32:55 EDT

OK, this is my last post on this topic, I promise. To listserve or forum isn't my decision, and either way I love the discussion here. :)

I am new here, but not new to this situation. The solution is quite simple. The person or persons in charge make an executive decision. They open the forums, they notify the listserve it will be shutdown in 72 hours, and then stop the listserve then. Everyone moves to the forums who wishes to continue in discussion and debate over topics of interest.

The technology is not complicated. Signing up and blocking spam is easy, with the right software package and the right settings.

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On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 9:27 PM, David Opderbeck <> wrote:

We've been over this a zillion times.

Being new to a list he of course doesn't know that.

Which, BTW, points out one of the reasons to use a forum - the history is EASILY readable for all to see. The archive isnt have to drill into each entry individually instead of scrolling down one tall page.
Now, if one could import the archive into gmail...but, I digress.

Could it be the real reason forums flop is people don't want to learn how to use the web? Are they simply stuck in their ways? I guess I myself gave up on advocating using web access.

But keep in mind that college kids wont use email. My kids (I have 2 at university) think you are trying to stalk them if you send email. Insistence on using email is a guaranteed way to lose an entire generation. Or two.

Forums do have some problems too.
The forum of course kept getting hacked by spammers. So an extra authentication was added just to see the front page. That right there will discourage most web users. One wants to be able to teach one's browser all the passwords so one can get in with one click. Thats a normal expectation for web users and is important to promoting easy web usage.

But the fact most members wont use the forum is apparently reason enough to not go there. Isn't it?
Randy knows...I pinged him very hard on the dinosaur email issue ("lets get the ASA out of the tar pits"), so it isnt like me to vote for email. I HATE email and want it out of my life. But I throw my arms up in defeat (and frustration) at the ASA membership who won't evolve with the times. You cannot make them want to go to a forum.

But Hey! Could part of the answer be to have all email posts just automatically show up on the forum? And if the answering posts then dont go back to the list...the 'email only' members will miss the conversation. Then they might WANT to go to the web so they don't miss out ...maybe someday....when the tools are better...?

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