[asa] Providence and ID

From: Dave Wallace <wmdavid.wallace@gmail.com>
Date: Sun Sep 14 2008 - 15:40:03 EDT

George Murphy wrote:
> To use traditional language, the overall process of evolution can be
> understood in terms of God's cooperation with natural processes.
> I.e., God is active throughout the evolutionary process, acting with
> the chemical, environmental &c interactions that are involved.
> Moreover, God limits divine action to what can be accomplished through
> those processes. Even with that limitation, the freedom that is
> inherent in natural processes because of quantum & chaos theories
> provides scope for God's "special providence" and divine governance.
In past discussion on this list we have defined lower case id
essentially as the physical laws of nature, plus associated constants
and initial conditions on the universe (front end loading). It appears
to me that most TE/ECs accept lower case id, however:

A. Some eg Van Til and others assert lower case id is sufficient

B. Others allow for God's interaction is via methods George has outlined
above. I would see such allowance dealing with what ID refers to as
irreducible complexity (if any). In addition God uses this freedom to
guide the
natural world according to his plan/desires.

Both groups A and B accept methodological naturalism for the most part.

What then are the principle differences between Group B and ID? My view
is that the main differences are:

I. the assertion by ID that design is detectable. Whereas ECs tend to
adopt a don't know answer when some feature of nature seems improbable
but has obviously occurred eg OOL.

II. methodological naturalism accepted by ECs and rejected by IDers

Some in popular/folk ID like Denyse O'Leary seem to require detectable
design as part of their justification for belief in God but other's eg
Dembski do not appear to make any such God of the gaps argument.

Dave W (ASA)

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