Re: [asa] Forums?

From: Jack Haas <>
Date: Fri Sep 12 2008 - 10:14:58 EDT
This might be a good point for prayer AND the end of the topic.

Jack Haas

j burg wrote:
We here in Houston have an ugly monster named "Ike" who is coming to
visit this evening.


On 9/12/08, Merv <> wrote:
Also seriously;  even though I use dial-up at home, I agree that forums
are much nicer and dial-up doesn't prevent me from enjoying either one.
It just helps me maintain a higher threshold of patience.

(...I wish I really did have a barn.   I'd hate to have to keep grumpy
gators in line, though!)

Skrogh:   You have a barn? What luxury!


James Patterson wrote:
I'm from Louisiana.

We have gators generating the power.   :)

But seriously, a good forum program can easily be configured to turn off
graphics. Should be no difference in speed for dial-up, AAMOF, just use a
text-based browser. Phpbb isn't bad, especially if you pay for the higher
end one. However there are nice packages that are completely free, use php
and mysql.

It's not that I can't live with listserves...I can. But I've used both
forums and listserves - the forum is better for looking back in time at
threads, for searching, for archiving, for organizing. There really isn't
much competition there. The problem is always getting folks to change.
Grumpy old theologians aren't about changing their ways, lol.

God bless,

James Patterson, Shreveport

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Speakin' from Kansas --- I do hope y'all do the right thing by us.
Bessy gets grumpy after only fifteen minutes of being harnessed to the
lektric generator.   All those vacuum tubes in the teletype draw so much
power 'n all.  Heats up our barn.


Murray Hogg wrote:

Hi David,

What's this "dialup" you're all speaking about?

Is it quicker that Kangaroo?

And is the upgrade complicated?

We only changed over from Koala to Kangaroo last month so we AT LAST
have free roaming - with Koala you need a gum-tree to access your
messages whereas Kangaroos can go anywhere!

However, like most people, we did have problems with mixed protocols
during the transition. A Kangaroo at speed meeting a gum-tree is not a
pretty sight and tends to garble one's messages...

From the land WAY out West (and then South a fair bit),

David Opderbeck wrote:

There are still people who use dialup?  Maybe out in some forsaken
western states.  ;-)


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