Re: [asa] Forums?

From: Merv <>
Date: Fri Sep 12 2008 - 07:11:59 EDT

Also seriously; even though I use dial-up at home, I agree that forums
are much nicer and dial-up doesn't prevent me from enjoying either one.
It just helps me maintain a higher threshold of patience.

(...I wish I really did have a barn. I'd hate to have to keep grumpy
gators in line, though!)

Skrogh: You have a barn? What luxury!


James Patterson wrote:
> I'm from Louisiana.
> We have gators generating the power. :)
> But seriously, a good forum program can easily be configured to turn off
> graphics. Should be no difference in speed for dial-up, AAMOF, just use a
> text-based browser. Phpbb isn't bad, especially if you pay for the higher
> end one. However there are nice packages that are completely free, use php
> and mysql.
> It's not that I can't live with listserves...I can. But I've used both
> forums and listserves - the forum is better for looking back in time at
> threads, for searching, for archiving, for organizing. There really isn't
> much competition there. The problem is always getting folks to change.
> Grumpy old theologians aren't about changing their ways, lol.
> God bless,
> James Patterson, Shreveport
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> Speakin' from Kansas --- I do hope y'all do the right thing by us.
> Bessy gets grumpy after only fifteen minutes of being harnessed to the
> lektric generator. All those vacuum tubes in the teletype draw so much
> power 'n all. Heats up our barn.
> --Merv
> Murray Hogg wrote:
>> Hi David,
>> What's this "dialup" you're all speaking about?
>> Is it quicker that Kangaroo?
>> And is the upgrade complicated?
>> We only changed over from Koala to Kangaroo last month so we AT LAST
>> have free roaming - with Koala you need a gum-tree to access your
>> messages whereas Kangaroos can go anywhere!
>> However, like most people, we did have problems with mixed protocols
>> during the transition. A Kangaroo at speed meeting a gum-tree is not a
>> pretty sight and tends to garble one's messages...
>>> From the land WAY out West (and then South a fair bit),
>> Murray.
>> David Opderbeck wrote:
>>> There are still people who use dialup? Maybe out in some forsaken
>>> western states. ;-)

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