Re: [asa] serious talk about ID and TE

From: j burg <>
Date: Thu Sep 11 2008 - 14:30:59 EDT

It was an interesting thread.

ONe point "DaveScot" might have is that he did ask you a question
which you answered very tangentially. (His DNA written in the dead
scrolls). But you DID answer it!

It is too bad, however, that he is so thin skinned. I found the thread


On 9/11/08, Ted Davis <> wrote:
> Actually, David, I'm very glad that you asked this question.
> This particular thread, in which I was involved, was rather abruptly
> terminated when "Timaeus," Jack Krebs (a science teacher from Kansas who is
> a TE), and myself were "expelled" from UcD last week--for reasons, frankly,
> that were entirely arbitrary. An administrator there who calls himself
> "DaveScot" threw us all off, allegedly for not answering his questions in a
> timely manner and for using the word "God" too much. That can't be the real
> story. This particular administrator, who has little if any tolerance for
> bloggers who don't agree with him (and his dislike for anyone holding a TE
> position is abundantly clear), throws his weight around with rudeness,
> vulgarity, and regularity. We aren't his only victims, and we won't be the
> last.
> Here is the URL, if you can still find it (it loads on my screen, at
> least):
> I would love to be able to continue the conversation with "Timaeus,"
> whoever he/she is, somewhere else. It was good to have the conversation we
> were having where it was, on UcD, since I think it may have helped some of
> the bloggers there to break down some stereotypes (both of TE and of ID).
> If (in the abstract) "Timaeus" were to drop in over here from time to time,
> the conversation could go on and could continue to help break down those
> stereotypes, both ways -- a very important thing for the ASA to be involved
> with. Too many of our members, IMO, are too quick to dismiss both arguments
> and persons who are from the "other side" of that current controversy. My
> own leanings on that are well known, but there are many good, well informed,
> and well meaning people who think differently. The problem is, with some on
> either side acting and speaking in ways that are dismissive of those on the
> other side, it's very difficult for the rest of us to avoid being dragged
> into the negative politicking. Nevertheless, we must try. We must. And,
> we must be appropriately critical of those who don't.
> Ted
>>>> "David Campbell" <> 9/11/2008 1:31 PM >>>
>> I invite anyone interested serious talk about ID and TE to peruse a
> current
>> thread on UcD, with special attention to the comments of "Timaeus" (one
> of many people in the ID movement who for good economic reasons wants to
> remain anonymous) and Jack Krebs.<
> The thread appears to no longer be current. I'm not up on details of
> how such works, and certainly not up on details of how they work at
> UcD. Any idea if it's possible for, e.g., Timaeus, to start a more
> civil thread on UcD?
> --
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