Re: [asa] serious talk about ID and TE

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Thu Sep 11 2008 - 13:59:27 EDT

Actually, David, I'm very glad that you asked this question.

This particular thread, in which I was involved, was rather abruptly
terminated when "Timaeus," Jack Krebs (a science teacher from Kansas who is
a TE), and myself were "expelled" from UcD last week--for reasons, frankly,
that were entirely arbitrary. An administrator there who calls himself
"DaveScot" threw us all off, allegedly for not answering his questions in a
timely manner and for using the word "God" too much. That can't be the real
story. This particular administrator, who has little if any tolerance for
bloggers who don't agree with him (and his dislike for anyone holding a TE
position is abundantly clear), throws his weight around with rudeness,
vulgarity, and regularity. We aren't his only victims, and we won't be the

Here is the URL, if you can still find it (it loads on my screen, at

I would love to be able to continue the conversation with "Timaeus,"
whoever he/she is, somewhere else. It was good to have the conversation we
were having where it was, on UcD, since I think it may have helped some of
the bloggers there to break down some stereotypes (both of TE and of ID).
If (in the abstract) "Timaeus" were to drop in over here from time to time,
the conversation could go on and could continue to help break down those
stereotypes, both ways -- a very important thing for the ASA to be involved
with. Too many of our members, IMO, are too quick to dismiss both arguments
and persons who are from the "other side" of that current controversy. My
own leanings on that are well known, but there are many good, well informed,
and well meaning people who think differently. The problem is, with some on
either side acting and speaking in ways that are dismissive of those on the
other side, it's very difficult for the rest of us to avoid being dragged
into the negative politicking. Nevertheless, we must try. We must. And,
we must be appropriately critical of those who don't.


>>> "David Campbell" <> 9/11/2008 1:31 PM >>>
> I invite anyone interested serious talk about ID and TE to peruse a
> thread on UcD, with special attention to the comments of "Timaeus" (one
of many people in the ID movement who for good economic reasons wants to
remain anonymous) and Jack Krebs.<

The thread appears to no longer be current. I'm not up on details of
how such works, and certainly not up on details of how they work at
UcD. Any idea if it's possible for, e.g., Timaeus, to start a more
civil thread on UcD?

Dr. David Campbell
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University of Alabama
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